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How to fix: Cannot start with Windows

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Oswin Kleinhans - 7/17/2018 4:15:07 AM

Thanks for your great work, UltraViewer really works fantastic with Windows. Is there a possibility that it also works with Ubuntu?

Dan - 9/22/2018 4:04:20 PM

That check box to run Ultraviewer with Windows (10) does not appear to do anything regardless if I change the setting running Ultraviewer as admin.

Any idea's?

T Buddhika A N Indatissa - 11/9/2018 11:17:15 AM


I really appreciate very much for allowing us to us Ultraviewer for free. I’m using this application to provide remote support for internal systems in our Institute. Is there a way to keep a record of IDs and users so that I can easily connect machines?

Best Wishes,

Harry S. - 4/14/2018 5:54:26 PM

First of all Thanks to UltraViewer to make our life Easy, i was sick of teamviewer
i am using UltraViewer in daily life and its working like magic.i will appriciate if you add BlackScreen / disable remote screen function


Gaurav Sharma - 3/27/2019 7:38:09 PM

mere computer me windows xp h usme ye software download to ho jata hain par install nahi hota hain pls koi solution de do

Michael - 1/21/2020 7:31:06 PM

I tried to control a computer what shows a presentation-screen. That means, after restart UltraViewer should open automatically from the logon-screen. It did not by setting in Ultraviewer. I set to task-schedduler and autostart (in the registry) but it did not start automatically. Only by logon with mstsc and open UltraViewer manually I could establish a connection. When I would use only mstsc, the screen would left with locked windows, but it should show the ppt or any other open window, like after disconnecting Teamviewer or Ultraviewer but without logout.

Yannick - 3/30/2020 8:51:18 PM

No ID on W10 64b
Ultraviewer works well on W7, but on W10 it cannot get an ID. We observe with Currports that it tries to connect to several SYN addresses on port 443 but without success. Its Competitor T .... r obtains an ID without problem.
config W10 64b no antivirus or firewall


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