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UltraViewer 6.1.18 - Support multiple monitors

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Bohdan - 8/15/2018 6:02:47 AM

The only thing that was keeping me using TeamViewer was multiple monitor support.

But now that UltraViewer has Multiple Monitor support, I can use this as my daily remote access program.

Thanks for adding it! Much appreciated.

Marco - 8/21/2018 10:43:48 PM

Great piece of software, very reliable and light.

What is still lacking, on my opinion, is the possibility to login on a server and monitor what computers are currently running among those in our control

This is done very well by Teamviewer.

With Ultraviewer it seems you have to try to connect in order to know if a PC is on with UV unning.

Am I wrong?



Tom - 9/5/2018 12:30:44 AM

I often get an error when switching between monitors. This ends up crashing UltraViewer and I have to launch the application several times to get it to display the single monitor I select. I am running the latest Beta version 6.1.18. I will update with the verbiage when it happens again.

Tom - 9/5/2018 5:11:26 AM

To follow up with my last post.

Title: Microsoft .NET Framework
Error: Unhandled exception has occurred in a component in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue.

Application-defined or object-defined error.

When you hit continue UltraViewer crashes.

Lekmi - 9/9/2018 12:24:20 PM

I get an error when switching between monitors when the app window is maximized.
I have two monitors, it would be great if there was an option to display clients multiple monitors on my both monitors, not like now when both monitors are just combined in one window (like the feature Teamviewer - show clients monitor 1 on my monitor 1, and clients monitor 2 on my monitor 2). Otherwise, your app is great.

Keith - 9/23/2018 12:28:34 AM

The top ultraviewer bar won't hide in this version. Also in windows 10 the mouse disappears unless you enable mouse shadow everytime as a work around.

stefano - 10/31/2018 11:20:41 PM

I'd like to have the possibility to associate a label to an ID, so we could login to a remote station simply choosing from labels instead of a list of IDs.
In short as TV does when you are logged in with your credential....
It would be PERFECT :)

Hao - 12/11/2018 1:52:37 AM

I use it only to access PC in my lab, which never be closed.
Hopefully there is an option to set ID and Password as never change, that would be convenient to users who only establish stable connections (now it is fine since I never close it).
Also, please consider to save display settings, such as which monitor to display at the beginning, whether show backgrounds and etc.
Overall, awesome software and I appreciate your works.


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