• Remote control support software UltraViewer

    Remote Control Support Software

    UltraViewer helps you remote control your partner's computer to
    support them as if you were sitting in front of their screen.
    More than 4.000.000 downloaded.
    100% Freeware
    Very easy to use
    Remote control to support your partners.
    Online education

Remote support so easyRemote control to support your clients / partners from everywhere.

Safe remote control

Safe remote control

UltraViewer is designed to support customer, partner remotely. So your clients can observe all you do in their screen and take control whenever they want.

Chat window

Chat window

You can chat with your partner while controlling very convenience. You can toggle chat on/off when controlling by press default hotkey F1 or any hotkey you want.

Share files

Share files

You can send files to your partner and receive file very easy over chat window. All under the safe control of your partner.



You can control multi-computer simultaneously or share your screen to many computers to watching.

Latest versionSee new features and information about new version

Support all Windows

Support all Windows

Window XP, Window 7, Window 8, Window 10, Window Server.

Support anywhere

Support anywhere

Remote control support your partner from anywhere.

Now you will not need to go

Now you will not need to go

In the past, when remote control support software haven't been created, technicians from software company usually need to go to customer's place to support them. This is very inconvenience and earning a lost of time for both customer and supporter. Nowaday, UltraViewer can helps you to support your clients remotely in an immediately way, make your work easier, faster and convenience.

How to remote control a computer
You ask your partner to send you the ID and Password displayed on their UltraViewer. Input that ID and Password to your UltraViewer and press 'Connect'.
How to allow remote control
You run UltraViewer and send ID and Password displayed on your UltraViewer to your partner and require them connect to that ID and Password.

Your benefit

  • Saving time

  • Saving effort

  • Saving traffic cost

  • Saving employees cost

  • Support more professional

  • No geographical restriction

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What people says

  • UltraViewer helps me to remote control support my customer from anywhere in the world. This save a big time and increase a huge of my sales.

    - Peter    Freelance IT supporter