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UltraViewer respects and takes your privacy very seriously. This Privacy Policy applies to all products and services provided by UltraViewer. Please read the following privacy policy to understand the commitment that we made to respect and protect your information:

Privacy policy of UltraViewer

1. When you register a new account on UltraViewer , we may ask you to provide personal information such as name, email, phone, language etc... We will use your information in order to assist, send you notifications, payment processing or send you promotional activities related to our products and services.

2. By using the service , you agree to use cookies, cookies is used to store information on your browser for some features like "remember me" when logon, or remember which language you prefer to display on the website.

3. UltraViewer committed no exchange or selling your personal data to third parties . We do not share, sell, commercialize your personal information to any other party.

4. Your password when registering on UltraViewer is encrypted securely. We apply one-way encryption layer so is's not able to decrypt your password from the database. Using a strong password length include both characters and numbers will help you to protect your password from risks.

Afflilate program

UltraViewer can provide some information to the introducer for Affiliate Marketing Program, including:
- Your email address that has been covered random characters.